Above: Trish Shepard ( Dumitria) Abby Hathorne (Antanasia) Carlos Rosales (Director/ Story Writer)

           We would like to extend our deepest gratitude for your contribution, your support, and sponsorship towards our independent film “La Madame.”  We would like to take this opportunity to share with you that our movie is finished and has been submitted to several festivals.  We will update everyone in April/ May when the film festivals take place.  Thank you so much for your kindness and support of our independent short film “La Madame.”  This movie was a lot of work, but with the support of people like you, we were able to achieve something to showcase that Columbus, Mississippi has a lot to offer and promote our community, the friendly city.  We are now preparing for 2017 and our upcoming new feature.  We will be revealing details during the following months.  We hope that you and your family have a wonderful holiday season and we wanted to extend warm wishes to every one of you.  Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017!

Click on the articles here.

Shoals Daily article  http://www.shoalsdaily.com/2015/03/23/supernatural-film-la-madame-on-location-in-florence/     

Times Daily Article http://www.timesdaily.com/life/entertainment/vampire-themed-movie-stakes-out-wildwood-park/article_5724c794-b0dc-11e4-8e4e-3b8f371d24be.html

 In CS Digital Productions LLC recent news, the Commercial Dispatch in Columbus, Mississippi published an article about Carlos Rosales and our independent production called,"La Madame"

here is the link to the article that was in this past's issue on Sunday July12th.




We had a premiere in West Point and Columbus Mississippi

Media Coverage of our independent short film "La Madame"

Extras posing for the camera after the filming of one of the scenes of the independent movie "La  Madame" outside of the wonderful fullly restored Victorian house called "The Painted Lady" Bed and Breakfast owned by Jennifer Miller who has been so kind to allow us to film within its walls for our independent film.


Below are extras: Mickey, Carol, Susan, Heather, Paul, Denise. 

They said they had a great time working  with Film Director Carlos Rosales and Film Maker Roberto Rosales of CS Digital Productions.  They said they could hardly wait for the official release.

Above: Bob Taylor, Trish Shepard, & Film Maker Roberto

Rosales.  This picture was taken with the wall of "The Painted Lady"  Bed & Breakfast after a scene during the

production of the independent film "La Madame"

Below: Film Director Carlos Rosales along with actors on the set getting ready to film inside the beautiful "Painted Lady" house.  We asked Film Director Carlos Rosales how he felt about film production so far. He answered " The story has  good plot, but working with actors who have never acted before is difficult. We could not afford to contract actors with our budget, but we are grateful for our friends and their colaboration on this independent production.  I wish I could reach Hollywood ,but seeing  Alfonso Cuarón a Mexican director and his latest film "Gravity"  or Guillermo del Toro another Mexican film director in movies like "Pacific Rim" give me encouragement.   They inspire me and my sons to continue making  this independent movie.  This is a family production with myself directing, my son Roberto Rosales, being the camera man and editor, and my son Christopher adpating to story into a screen play for the actors.  It took around a year to create the story followed by the characters where my son Christopher and I came up with their personality.  With the movie I can see that Columbus, MS has the perfect setting to create movies locally or out of the state, even in Hollywood could come here to film. Columbus, has a lot of potential."  When asked when the film would be finished Carlos replied "We are in the procees of filming the last three scenes to finish the movie.  We are still doing casting for extras for the last three.  Two of the shots will take place in Columbus, Mississippi and the last one will be in New Orleans."   "We talked to Marius Zahan from Romania in the Transylvania area who said that he lives within a few miles of the actual castle of Dracula.  He said he grew up in that area and felt so excited and honored to see that someone was filming a film based on the area where he is from.  Now he is willing to colaborate with us to improve the quality of the story.  If we don't reach Hollywood, it doesn't matter, what is important is to draw attention to Columbus and what it has to offer we are proud of this production and everyone that is involved. When we finish we will have a public showing and invite everyone along with the details of when it will be shown. Thank you everyone including alll of our friends, actors,  and the community for their support! And an extra special thanks to MUW for allowing us to film on their campus and Jennifer Miller, owner of  "The Painted Lady' Bed and Breakfast .  Rolling,....... and action!"

Sidney is working with Heather on the last details of her character. getting ready to film.

“La Madame” is a story  about a family that has lived throughout the centuries as descendents of vampires. It is a compelling tale that spans decades, continents, and generations, drawing the viewer into a world of secrecy and violence.

          The story begins in Transylvania. The year is 1876. Two beautiful sisters, (Draguta & Dumitra), live together in a secluded castle set high above a sleepy village shrouded by mist in the middle of the woods , isolated from any contact with the villagers.   The castle is inhabited only by the two sisters whom are only looked at as masters by the devoted servants. One of the sisters has a beautiful infant daughter of (Antanasia).


          A cloud of dread shrouds their serene and solitary existence of the run village. The peasants in the town below are terrorized by a string of mysterious murders. Victims are left with their necks pierced, a bloody scarlet stream dripping from the lifeless corpse. There is only one conclusion – vampires roam the outskirts of the villages at night.   Suspicion leads the villagers to the sisters, (Draguta & Dumitra) who are branded as a threat to the village.

A vengeance crazed of townspeople ready to restore order to their village to secure their families from such a malicious threat and had enough.  Wielding torches and pitchforks they gathered a group  to rid their village of the threat once and for all.  They ventured into the darkness no matter what the cost to protect their families.  As they approached the castle they would get a chill of evil within the trees that looked as if they had trapped souls within them that were trying to escape as they stretched out covering the path towards the castle as if to cover and protect it.

A shocking twist takes you on a journey that makes ” La Madame” memorable long after this film ends.  The elegant Victorian setting, evolving into the height of Belle Epoch grandeur, is a lavish feast for those looking for an original story told within the movie experience.













To our clients: Please feel free to select the HD options on youtube toolbar at the bottom of the video for a better viewing experience. 

The local production of the short film,  "La Madame" is underway.  Carlos Rosales (Director) and Roberto Rosales (Film Maker) seen doing the last screen test in the picture above for the beginning of the film.  The produciton will shoot locally in Columbus, MS,  Caledonia, MS and New Orleans, LA. 

CS Digital Productions continues with its film production of "La Madame" independent film.

Far left: Film Director J. Carlos Rosales making the last screen test before shooting.  Middle: Director J. Carlos Rosales going over the last table reading

before shooting a scene.  Far Right: Filmaker Roberto C. Rosales posing with the actors, Paul Fioranelli on the left and Michael Jones on the right.  Paul  plays a crime  investigator and Michael plays the chief of police.  Production so far has been a success and shooting is expected to continue over the next couple of months followed by post production. 


(left) Michael Longton Professor at MUW and (right) Michael Jones on the right in a behind the scenes photo. 

Second Photo on Right (left to right) Richard Barksdale,

Roberto, and Paul Fioranelli going over a scene before shooting in the independent movie

"La Madame."

First Photo: Filmaker Roberto Rosales filming Abby Hathorn as she poses for a scene in "La Madame."

Director J. Carlos Rosales and Film Maker Roberto Rosales in some behind the scenes photographs. with actors Jonathon Fry, Abby Hathorn, Towanda Williams, extra Diana Neault.  So far the filming is on schedule and soon shooting will wrap in Columbus, MS and move to Caledonia and the sea port of New Orleans for the final shots of the film.  Once finished Director J. Carlos Rosales is expected to submit the film to the Sundance Film Festival. 

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