Why professional video advertising can  benefit your company or small business.



1. Increase Sales


2. People Share Video (Free Marketing) along with email marketing campaigns


3. Promotional Ads are easily viewed on all electronic devices


4. Video conveys large amounts of information in a short time anywhere in the world.


5. Video marketing may shared on multiple platforms.


6. Video builds trust and credibility. Today's consumers choose video to demonstrate products/ services, they are easier to identify and understand and allow the consumer to make a quicker decision in selecting your business.

7. Video boosts conversation rates and is proven to associate positive outlooks towards your business if is able to keep the consumer's attention .

  We have been serving Northeast Mississippi with professional multimedia services since 1988, we cover everything from commercial photography, 4K ULTRA HD video,  and  cinematic cinematography.
















  Our video projects function for a variety of platforms including tv, social media, and various other media platforms to showcase your company or small business.   Benefit your company/business with our combined 32 years of experience to work for you in every video that we create.  We are a local independent film studio in the Golden Triangle Area in Columbus, Mississippi. 


  We have served many industries locally and have traveled out of state and even overseas to serve our customers in today’s competitive market We are CS Digital Productions we thank you for visiting our page! Call us for a free video presentation of our work here in the Golden Triangle area.


was founded in 1988 by film producer, photographer, and director J. Carlos Rosales.  His company expanded to full digital HD video & full cinematography film production services in the Golden Triangle Area, based in

Columbus, Mississippi.


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Our upcoming new independent short film "The World That Never Was" is currently underway.   We had a successful adaptation with our previous film "La Madame" which you can view the trailer below and order copy of our film on our Facebook page.  We are very excited to share this new adventure about a Steampunk Civilization set in 1887.  Our film will be filled with fantasy and imagination about the industrial and steam power machines of a mechanical world.