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CS Digital Productions produces and develops music videos for aspiring artists of all levels of experience. Even if you have never had experience performing in front of the camera, CS Digital Productions is here to guide you through the process in a professional comfortable environment.  In today’s music industry music video are an essential tool to promote your music to every demographic, whether it be agents, promoters, or fans.  We cover all the video mediums from television to online social video media sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, and others.

CS Digital Productions collaborates with you every step of the way until we release the final product featuring your music as an artist. Whether it is a shooting your first ever band promo, shooting and editing a live show, to creating a story to express the meaning behind your music in a three and a half minute motion picture or even a behind the scenes so that people can get an in depth feel of who you are as an artist or band. Some of the services we offer in the music video industry are:




  • Concept Development

  • Script Writing

  • Storyboards

  • Revisualization

  • Casting

  • Pre-production

  • Production

  • Post Production

  • Video editing

  • Motion graphics

  • Visual effects

  • Sound effects

  • Color correction

  • Video finishing







Your music deserves a transition to video with professional quality and be broadcast ready.  We showcase your talent, your personality, and your music style with the creation of a high-end professional music video production.   At CS Digital we understand the artist’s ambition and the constraints of a tight budget, but we are here to help you! If you have a dream and can afford it, we can make it a reality and share your vision with the world.
























To our clients: Please feel free to select the HD options on youtube toolbar at the bottom of the video for a better viewing experience. 



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We speak Spanish and can help you  narrate your next  video project with a male or female voice over in Spanish and English to reach your audience.


Hablamos español y podemos ayudarle a narrar su próximo proyecto de vídeo con una voz masculina o femenina  en Español y Ingles para alcansar su público.



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