Fashion photography is all about clothing advertising and beauty.  There are different photographic session styles when it comes to modeling.  For example, if the shoot focuses on the clothes, they the model would want to use make-up and a hair stylist to create a look to would compliment the wardrobe being advertised.  Another session could focus on different styles of looks such as provocative, seductive, innocent, or even natural.  Below are a few modeling tips for anyone aspiring to become a model of any genre.

Planning before your first photo session





























  • Look through fashion magazines and other forms of media such model catalogs and practice different poses in the mirror to discover your look

  • Keep your appearance clean.  Take care of your hair, skin, and nails.  All of these features are important for various modeling sessions. 

  • Hire a make-up artist and hair stylist if you can afford it to create the best glamorized fashion looks for your modeling portfolio.

  • The day before you have your modeling photo session, make sure you get a good night’s rest so that when you awake the next day you look refreshed and are ready for your modeling session.

  • Always arrive early to the location to make sure your make-up can be applied before your photo session.

  • Discuss the shots and looks that you are looking for with your photographer prior to the photo shoot and look through your wardrobe so that he can help you select the attire for the photo session.

  • Always in enjoy your photo session and relax, if you are anxious, nervous, shy, or upset it will reflect on your face and body language in the shots of the session.  Listen carefully to what your photographer says.  Even models who have been working for years get nervous, but don’t worry.  Your photographer and crew are there to help you.

  • Once you have received the photographic prints of your modeling session, your photographer can help you with their experience in selecting the best shots to file in your modeling portfolio.   Six to eight pictures sizes 11 by14 or 8 by 10 would be ideal for your portfolio.

  • Remember to constantly update your portfolio as you progress and grow as a model.  As you do more sessions you will learn more and be more comfortable.  Your poses and looks will be improving, so it is important that your portfolio reflects that when the time comes to submit them to an agency or casting call.

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