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360 Virtual Reality


CS Digital Productions is introducing professional  360 virtual reality services to the industry manufacturing companies in Columbus, Mississippi and Golden Triangle area.  Virtual reality will provide an immersive experience for your customers.  Virtual reality will showcase your products and services in a much more engaging and interactive manner.  This technology will allow your company's customers to experience the product as if they were seeing it in real life, without physically being present.

Manufacturing companies offering 360 virtual reality videos are crucial, as it provides a competitive edge over others by enhancing the customer experience.  These videos and interactions will help increase customer engagement and building brand loyalty with your customers.  360 virtual reality videos will provide customers with understanding of your product's features and benefits.  Online shopping has become more prevalent in today's society.  

Therefore, companies should consider investing in 360 virtual reality videos to gain a significant advantage in the local and global market.  CS Digital Productions LLC can provide you with necessary services to enhance your business advertising and reach to your customers.

Carlos Rosales is a film director and producer with over 30 years of experience in the video/ film production industry.  Carlos along with his sons Roberto and Christopher Rosales are the founders of CS Digital Productions LLC based in Columbus, Mississippi. At CS Digital Productions LLC we are committed to providing the highest level of services to you and your business.  Our team does everything in house and communicate with you directly.  This means clear and fast communication, a faster turnaround, and a product tailored to your specifications to communicate exactly what you want the audience you want to reach.

Thank you for considering us, for any samples of our presentations contact us.

CS Digital Productions LLC

Carlos Rosales/ Film Director/ Producer

(662) 251-8074 or via e-mail

Why quality and professional videos with cinematic look can help your company or small business in television and social media (Facebook & Instagram advertising.


 Nowadays in today's competitive market, high end professional videos can show more detail of the quality, products, and services your business offers to potential clients. Covid has changed the advertising industry, new technology in marketing relies heavily on the internet using phones and tablets making a professional video vital for growth and profit. 


  We have been serving Northeast Mississippi with professional multimedia services since 1988, we cover everything from commercial photography, 4K ULTRA HD video,  and  cinematic cinematography.

Benefit your company / business with our combined 33 years of experience in multimedia film and photography to work for you in every video that we create.  We are a local independent film studio in the Golden Triangle Area in

Columbus, Mississippi. 

was founded in 1988 by film producer, photographer, and director J. Carlos Rosales.  His company expanded to full digital HD video & full cinematography film production services in the Golden Triangle Area, based in

Columbus, Mississippi.


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