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Friends and Sponsors of Waverley Mansion Documentary

                 We are currently filming a historical documentary of the  Waverley Mansion.  This plantation was built in West Point, MS by Col. George Hampton Young in the 1850s.  He lived there along with family, the plantation was under the Young family until the last member Capt. Billy Young son of George Young passed away in 1913 at the age of 76.   The mansion remained unoccupied for almost fifty years until 1962 when Robert and Donna Snow purchased the mansion and moved in along with their two daughters and son.  This is where his dream and journey began, the journey to restore the mansion.  At the age of 39 along with his family, hard work, and plenty of love he has continually maintained restored the mansion.  It is now a historical landmark in the state of Mississippi and it has received an award and is in the national registry of historic places.  The mansion has become one of the most famous and recognizable locations in all of Mississippi.  Now at the age of 89 Mr. Robert Snow and his daughter Melanie continues his journey and dream to keep this beautiful plantation vibrant and alive.  Waverley Mansion has been in place for many years and each item within its doors carries with it, a story.  The mansion has been visited from people all over the world from England, France, Japan, and Australia to name just a few. Now through Friends of Waverley Mansion, Director Bob Raymond along with others, they have helped to maintain restoration of the historic mansion.  We at CS Digital Productions LLC are grateful to be able to donate our services and produce this documentary to share the history behind Waverley Mansion with the world.   Carlos Rosales is directing the filming and his son Roberto is filmmaker and editor of the project, and Carlos’ son Christopher is a graphic designer.  To finish the production we need your donation to finish funding this production.  Along with your donation we would like to give back to you and thank you for your generosity.  With your donations you will receive screen credits for yourself, your family name, an individual or your company. Your screen credit will be placed under “Friends and Sponsors of  Waverley Mansion Documentary”.  Along with your perks, everyone that donates one of the following amounts will receive a copy of the DVD documentary upon completion of the video project.  Please select one of the perks and place a check next the donation you wish make.


We thank you for your donation and being a kind friend and sponsor of this very special documentary.



Contact us if you would like to make a donation.  Call Carlos Rosales at (662) 251-8074 or e-mail us at for information on our donation perks and the process for your donation. 


Note: Please send your donation to Carlos Rosales 1515 College Street  Columbus, MS 39701. If you are making a check, please write it to CS Digital Productions LLC.  Follow us on Facebook @ CS Digital Productions.

Donations & Perks:

  • A) $100 Donation for individuals, family name, or loved one. this will include name during the end credits of the video production.

  • B) $100 Donation includes the name of your company during the end credits of the video production

  • C) $200 Donation includes the name of your company in bold during the end credits of the video production.

  • D) $300 Donation includes the name of your company in bold and company logo during the end credits of the video production.

  • E) $500 Donation includes the name of your company in bold and company logo during the end credits of the video production. Also includes your company’s in regular font (not bold) at the beginning credits of the video production.

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