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Personal Introduction


Film Director / Producer / Writer

Welcome to our web page, We have been filming our new  production for the past several weeks. We have been  enjoying working in this new film project in collaboration  with my two sons Roberto my filmmaker and my screenwriter Christopher Rosales in my steampunk science fiction story, an imaginary  civilization called  "The World that Never Was " a fantasy adventure.  Filming is a passion for us and working with local friends who have come to help us and participate as  a part of our cast has been a great experience for everyone  .  We are working all together in this new dream independent film project   We look forward to posting behind the scenes pictures  for you to enjoy and more updates for you in the future.  Thank you for visiting our page!


Short Synopsis

       The year is 1887, their civilization has changed, the Kromos Empire has brought tyranny and destruction to their lands and turned them into a battleground. The Kromos  Queen hungers for power and control as her soldiers search for the cities'  to poison their minds and enslave them to serve her army.  Augustine is the last free civilization and there is only one resistance left. We call ourselves the wise men. 


"My imagination has been an important part of my career as a film director, without it life would not be fun at all."     

-Carlos Rosales

Filming Has Begun

CS Digital Productions LLC has begun filming! We are excited to share some behind the scenes photographs that were taken while we were filming. Check back often for updates , news, and the newest behind the scenes pictures!  Let the adventure begin!

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