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Promotional Video Presentations


Company video presentations offer visual stories, illustrations, animations, and

motion graphics with voice-overs to explain complex company products and

services in a simple and compelling manner. It is no secret that many people

today would rather watch the development of a compelling idea rather than

just reading about it.

A company or industry video is more effective and powerful than any text

approach. Showing what your company does and what goes into making your

product or service is a valuable tool to market your company and tell its story.  

A promotional video covers all of this criteria and is the best tool to market your

product and we will work with you in every aspect to achieve a video that fully

demonstrates what your company offers.   The promo video is a tool that you

can deploy in many formats ranging from Dvd to online media to different areas

worldwide where you may have staff, showrooms, or conventions that will raise

awareness of your product/services.  In addition we can provide the promo

videos for your website and dramatically improve its quality, video is proven to

be more engaging and efficient to demonstrate and explain services or

products.We can offer several online ready promo videos for sites such as

YouTube,Vimeo, and others.  We can also interview your best customers to present testimonies about their success with your company products or services. The human mind is an emotional engine and we all respond very well to positive feelings.

Corporate Video

Corporate video production refers to audio-visual corporate communications material.  This median of video is primarily for use by a company, corporation, or organization.  A corporate video is intended a corporations target audience, which may include product, service or company promotional videos, training videos and information videos.  Corporate video production is often responsible for the marketing or corporate communications. 


Examples of Corporate videos are:


  • Investor relations/ Financial Results

  • Staff Training /Instruction and safety videos

  • Promotional/Brand Products or Services

  • Technology and Product demonstration videos

  • Client and customer testimonial videos

  • Training Video/Safety Video


A key tool for a corporation is a training video, which is

designed to improve knowledge, skills, and understanding to

conduct the task needed and produce a safe environment.  

CS Digital Productions offers your company years of

experience to create an effective training video with the right

mix of script, pace, tone, length, and engagement.  A

Training/Safety video is one of the most cost effective and

measurable means of training for large or small corporations

and is a core component to any corporation.

To our clients: Please feel free to select the HD options on youtube toolbar at the bottom of the video for a better viewing experience. 

Trotter Convention Center Promotional Video

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