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CS Digital Productions LLC

We are a locally owned company that

specializes in high definition cinematic

video productions (4K ULTRA HD). 

<Here is a sample digital cinematic short to demonstrate the quality in film, sound effects, and music.

CS Digital Productions LLC

was established  in 1988 by J. Carlos Rosales and Roberto Rosales. We have served local industries  in the Golden Triangle area as  well as other parts of  Northeast Mississippi and other states for over 30 years. We have improved throughout the years with the latest equipment and technology to offer companies professional quality high definition multimedia services.

Virtual Ultra HD videos is the future for businesses and platforms.


CS Digital Productions LLC, is a full 4K ULTRA  HD multimedia production company based in Columbus, Mississippi.  Serving the Golden Triangle area since 1988.


Why do people watch videos more 



Everyday more than 500 million people 

are viewing videos on Facebook alone, that 

does not include other platforms such as

youtube, instagram and other avenues

which receive over 5 billion video

views a day.


specializes in these services which include:


  • Historical Documentaries

  • Commercials/Promotional Videos for television

       instagram, facebook, youtube, and other

       media platfroms

  • Corporate Industrial Cinematic

       Video Presentations

  • Professional Commercial Photography

  • Small Business Promotional  Product or Service Presentations

  • Political Campaigns for local city officials

  • Company Training/Instructional  & Safety Videos​ for employee personnel 

OTHER SERVICES that we provide to our customers:

  • Transfers of 8mm/Super 8mm/ 16mm reels and VHS tapes to digital formats on flash drives.

  • Professional Photo Restorations of damaged photos including ancestry photographs

  • Audio reel transfers to flash drives



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